Created in 1991 by the IBB led Military Government, Taraba State is seated on the high hills of the plateau and reputed to be endowed with a plethora of natural resources that have remained largely untapped. Away from the discuss on its natural endowments, Taraba has suffered the challenge of credible, desired leadership to fine tune the enormous potential it carries.

While a couple of hands have tested their leadership capabilities in steering the affairs of the state, a lot is still left to be desired. Additively, the internal communal crisis situation and general insecurity are some of the causative factors that have, over the years strangulated what would have been the proper development of the state.

Fate may have smiled on Taraba when in 2015 Darius Dickson Ishaku enjoyed majority support to emerge the 10th Governor of the 29 year old state of the Federation of Nigeria. Not oblivious of the challenges in wait, Ishaku, a trained architect, career lecturer, seasoned administrator and politician who was Minister of State for Niger Delta under the Goodluck Jonathan administration swung into action to deliver on his promised tenets of democracy.

His determination to right wrongs and place Taraba in the front line of rising states in Nigeria accounted for the monumental support he enjoyed in a second term bid. Governor Ishaku’s efforts span across agriculture, infrastructure, security, humanitarian dispositions, education, healthcare delivery, civil servants welfare to mention but a few.

The ongoing constructions of maraba-baissa road, dualization of Welcome to Taraba roads and constructions of pedestrian bridges as well as the construction of Tsukundi roads among a plethora of community projects underscore his great commitment to infrastructural development. The facelift accorded different primary health care facilities and stocking with drugs and the footing of bills of indigent persons in Taraba seems to be a move that has endeared the governor to the heart of his people in a unique way.

Known for his deep touch humaneness, Governor Ishaku has over the years put in place effective measures to enhance his philanthropic dispositions to the people irrespective of sex, age, tribe, religion or affinity. He has earned reputation for taking, to the admiration of all, diligent steps targeted at resolving to permanence, the incessant communal clashes that have rocked the state, particularly the Tiv-Jukun rift in the southern part of the state.

Desirable as Ishaku’s style of quintessential leadership has been, it is hoped that, to him whom more has been given, much more is desired, especially in quickening they steps to permanently put to rest the inter ethnic frenzy eruptions that have considerably undermined his positive administrative influence on the state. He should similarly consider stepping up his meaningful engagement of youths whose readiness to bring out the best in them if supported is genuine. By so doing, Ishaku would have left indelible marks in sand’s time while leaving office.


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