Sack Service Chiefs over Global Terrorism Rating – APC Consolidation Group


A statement by the APC Consolidation group on the global terrorism rating of the country:

Sack Service Chiefs over Global Terrorism Rating

” We, the entire members of APC Consolidation Group,APCG received with rude shock and total disappointment the 2019 Global Terrorism Report which ranks Nigeria as the 3rd most terrorized country in the world.

“This report is the worst thing that has ever happened to a government that mean so well for the people like the Government of President Muhammad Buhari. No doubt,the rating is so due to the actions and inaction of his service chiefs. So,we are worried our dear president’s continuous retention of these officers.

“Consequently,we are calling on the president to sack the current security chiefs heading the Nigeria Armed forces. The chiefs of Defence, Army, Airforce and Naval Staff,over their inability to deliver on his vision and the expectation of Nigeria’s on security.

“We are saddened by this report which by implication will close many economic doors on Nigeria and drastically bring down our GDP. Investors will leave Nigeria and intending once may have a rethink about coming to Nigeria .

“We in APC Consolidation Group insist that Mr President means well for for Nigerians in every area, but unfortunately insecurity is threatening his policies in agriculture, infrastructure, power and others.

“From our findings, if urgent steps is not taken to address the insecurity in the land, famine will by next year,be alarming and that will frustrate his huge investment in agriculture through CBN.

” Farmers cannot conveniently farm this year because of banditry attacks and kidnapping. Power installations are being vandalized on a daily basis,thus frustrating his huge investment in power and agricultural sectors.

“The entire Northern Nigeria is not safe as at today because of terrorism, banditry and some strange crimes that were before now, alien to Nigeria. This call for serious and urgent concern, and Mr President must reason to act now.

“The global terrorism report is a total embarrassment to our country and the security architecture. We wonder how we got here despite the government huge investment in security particularly the Armed Forces.

“We have nothing personal against the service chiefs. As a matter of fact, they have done their best, but our concern is borne out of sincere love for Nigeria,our president and our great party which this insecurity is threatening it’s glory.

“The current service chiefs, no doubt, having spent five years plus, must have ran out of fresh ideas required to transform the country’s security situation. To us,they have lost touch with the current security reality and there’s need for our president to sack them without further delay.

We want to once again, remind Mr President that every Nigeria is tired with the insecurity and need results. We are therefore calling on Mr president to listen to Nigeria’s and sack the service chiefs immediately.”

Dr Usman Mohammed

National Coordinator


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