Politics and Christianity | By Mimi Olsen-Ikurior


Politics and Christianity | By Mimi Olsen-Ikurior
I remember the veneer of piousness that accompanies the Excuse “Politics is a dirty game,I can’t be a part of it”. I used this alot too before I learned. How clean are we btw? ‘Salt’ that wants to remain in the salt shaker! ‘Light of the world’ that wants to be covered up in a corner. You left a vacuum because you were a ‘fig tree’ and the ‘Thornbush’ willingly filled it…simple!
What happened to the christian worldview? Maybe we are just Fishes in an Aquaruim afraid to launch into the deep and swim with the sharks …Aquarium mindset neatly covered with Pharisaic behaviour.
It’s okay for a Christian to vote and be voted for. It’s okay for a christian to participate in the political process .
Why would you shy away from the corridors of power and cry fowl when the made laws of the land don’t favor you or your people ? Should we ask the underground churches in other nations about the importance of Religious freedoms? Why would you shy away from the very platform that profoundly influences laws that encourage human flourishing. If you are convinced to go into the Arena,then go in there and fight for the right reasons, engage the political process by leveraging your rightful authority, advocate for laws and policies that contribute to good living. speak for your people’s values and freedoms . If you are not convinced to go in there then stay out with a right mindset ,encourage and pray for those in there ….We can’t all be in the Arena but we can all pray for them and stop with the piousness ,insults ,holier than thou mindset and mockery.
Hello! We are talking about the political Arena that shapes basic rights and freedoms.
Jeremiah 29:7 says: “But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.”
Get your PVCS and vote.
I don’t see myself in the Arena but I see myself voting and encouraging. Vote for your survival and your children’s children’s survival .Not just for Christians but for whosoever will make Nigeria and the world a better place …remember, politics is a platform ,we can all use to make this place better.


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