Messi’s €700m release clause not valid – Jorge Messi


Lionel Messi’s father and agent, Jorge Messi, has responded to La Liga on the €700 million release clause in his son’s contract.

He claims that the clause is no longer applicable once the player takes up the option in his contract to leave for free, which Messi’s did by notifying the club of his intention to leave by burofax on August 25.

Jorge Messi claims to quote a clause in Messi’s contract that says: “This release clause will not apply when the player’s decision to unilaterally rescind the contract takes effect from the end of the 2019-2020 season.”

La Liga had supported Barcelona in the face off with Messi.

La Liga also reacted to the recent communication, saying Jorge Messi’s interpretation of the contract was “out of context” and “far removed” from its wording.

Jorge Messi’s responses indicate that his son remains determined to leaving Barcelona, despite some suggestions that he could change his mind.

The interpretation of the release clause is important because Messi could be liable to pay the amount himself if he joined another club but lost a subsequent legal battle in court.

Barcelona believe the option to leave for free expired on June 10, while Messi’s side insist the deadline was the end of the season, which was extended into August due to the pandemic.

Jorge did not mention a specific date when quoting that clause in his statement.

“We do not know which contract you have analysed and what is the basis that leads you to conclude there was an applicable release clause if the player decided to unilaterally end his contract at the end of the 19-20 season,” he wrote.

He adds that it was an “obvious error on your part”.


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