George Udom reacts to corruption in NDDC, fingers elites


Pa Clark is a major beneficiary of the corruption in NDDC. Activist Briggs is also a beneficiary of all the rot in NDDC.

Where are the likes of Chief Government Ekpemupolo (aka Tom Polo), Pastor Reuben, General Aboy, General Shoot-A-Sight, Ateke Tom, ND Avengers and our numerous fellow freedom fighters who hitherto wined & dined at the State House, domiciled in Transcorp Hilton & other luxurious Abuja abodes?

Even in my state, we have notable names in Akwa Ibom who are all beneficiary’s to the rot in NDDC.

All the chiefs never cared about the Niger Delta people. They can’t talk.

The biggest question is what are the ordinary NIGER DELTA people themselves doing about all these?

Why are they not protesting the dissipation of their commonwealth by these greedy demons?

-George Udom


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