AFCON trophy missing


The Cup of African Nations trophy Egypt won three times in a row is missing, Eqyptian football association says.

A former member of the federation

Magdi Abdelghani a former member of the association claimed the cup was destroyed in a fire at the association’s headquarters in 2013.

Former Football Association vice-president Ahmed Shobeir previously revealed that the trophy was discovered missing during preparations to build a museum to house all of the silverware won by the country.

Abdelghani however later confirmed that the cup was one of several trophies that had been lost in a fire seven years ago.

“Officials of the committee which meets every five years and currently manages the Football Association were surprised that the trophy was not available, in light of their desire to create a museum at the federation headquarters, which would feature the trophy and the national team’s kits,” Shobeir said on a TV show.

“However, [they] were surprised to find that the Afcon trophy was lost, and decided to open an investigation.”

It was initially thought that former captain Ahmed Hassan was in possession of the trophy, although he subsequently denied the claim.

“The committee searched for the trophy, but then an employee told them that Ahmed Hassan, the former captain of the Egyptian national team, who won the cup three times in a row, has kept it,” Shobeir said.

Former Egypt midfielder Abdelghani clarified in a press conference that the trophy had been lost in a fire seven years ago.

“After the burning of the Football Association headquarters, some cups were lost, and the matter was investigated,” the former FA member began, “including the Africa Cup of Nations that we retained.

“Some said that the cup had been with Shawky Gharib, the former general coach of the Egypt national team, and some say it had been with Hassan, the former captain of the Pharaohs.”

After being aware of the trophy’s disappearance, Hassan took to social media to express his dismay at the loss.

“I wish I had kept the cup in my house instead of it being lost,” he posted on his @AhmedHassan Twitter handle, “and I am surprised that I’m being questioned about the cup after nine years, despite the presence of two FA boards, and the five-year committee for a year and two months…but they’re only now looking for the cup!


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